Attention New Mothers: Learn about Breast Feeding Before the Baby Comes

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First time moms should ask about breast feeding baby help before they give birth. Feeding your child from your own breast is natural but it may not feel natural to you. It is okay to feel a bit apprehensive about being your babys sole source of nutrition for at least the first few months. In order to set your mind at ease so breastfeeding becomes a strong bonding experience between you and your baby, you should brush up on some pointers so you are ready when you baby is born.

Nursing Positions

One of the most popular nursing positions is called the cradle hold. You simply cradle your baby, with the head in the crook of your arm and your forearm supporting the body lying on the side facing yours. It is important to make sure that the head is in line with the body, not arched back. Using your free hand, lift the breast so that the nipple aligns easily with the babys mouth. Once the baby latches on to feed, you can typically remove your free hand.

The cross cradle hold is similar to a cradle hold, only you support your baby with your opposite arm. Your opposite hand holds the back of your babys head and neck while drawing them to your breast. Using your free hand, you align the nipple and place into the babys mouth until they latch on.

Breast FeedingThe football hold is popular, particularly with women who had c-sections, premature babies or have large breasts. You will need some pillows to bring the baby into alignment with your breasts. Place the babys legs under your arm and allow the head to rest in your hand so that you can easily guide their mouth. This hold is also called the clutch hold because it seems like you are tucking your infant under the crook of your arm (much like a football).

Nighttime feedings and c-section recovery often prompts the side-lying hold for breastfeeding. This position uses the principles of the cradle hold, only you are lying down on your side, facing your baby who also lays on their side facing you. With a pillow under your head for support, you slide your lower arm under your baby, ensuring the head is in the crook of your arm. Pull the baby close to your body and use your free hand to position the nipple to the babys mouth so they can latch on to feed.

Breast PumpAdditional Information

Breast feeding baby help can be found through your local birthing centers, your doctor and even local La Leche chapters. Having a lactation consultant give you some pointers before and after your baby is born can be quite helpful. The longer you are able to breastfeed your baby, the more nutrients they will receive, helping them stay healthy and strong.

If you are a working mom and your maternity leave is almost gone, you can also pump your breast milk so you have a steady supply for your baby for those times you cannot personally breastfeed. A lactation consultant, various baby books and even the instruction guide to the breast pump offer helpful hints to get the most milk possible.

While it is natural to breastfeed, not everyone has that innate sense of the process. Do not be afraid to ask for breast feeding baby help. New moms do not get an instruction manual on babies when they give birth. Receiving guidance to help you through the breastfeeding experience can make a difference.

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