Three Important Traits of a Nanny

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Although it is important to have a licence and good references to examine when choosing a nanny for your child, there are some innate traits they should have as well. Here are three important traits for a child’s caretaker to have.


While experience isn’t innate, it is important because a nanny needs to know what to do when children are misbehaving, cannot be consoled, or if an emergency arises. Experience with children allows caretakers to tell when they need to call parents and when they can handle a situation themselves. Whether it’s professional experience or from taking care of siblings, it’s an invaluable trait to have in a nanny.


Children will test their nanny in many ways, whether out of spite or to find out where their boundaries lie. They may not be aware of how they are testing an adult, but having tantrums, not obeying rules, and running around all day full of energy can sometimes be exasperating for any adult, including a nanny. However, if a nanny has an even temperament and is patient when your child is testing your nerves, you may have found the perfect person for the job.


A good nanny should not be easily distracted from taking care of your child, whether at home or out in public. Someone who is addicted to their mobile device, or who tends to turn out your child when taking care of other chores around the house may not be the ideal caretaker. While nanny agencies in Harrow may have many good candidates, having a nanny who always knows what your child is doing is extremely important for their care and safety.

A nanny agency can help you find candidates to take care of your child, but you will need to interview and observe them to discover these three important traits.


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