How To Stop Bed Wetting/Enuresis

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Bed wetting or enuresis to give it the proper name, is a common problem with young children, particularly boys, they all have to learn to control their bladders and know when to go to the bathroom. But wetting the bed is not confined to young children, many teenagers and adults suffer and for these people it can be a lifetime embarrassment. Elderly people, who have never had a problem, may suddenly discover they have developed a bladder weakness. Unfortunately there is often a stigma attached to bed wetting as if it is the fault of the individual, but of course it is not.

With young children, parents must recognise it is a learning process and never get angry. Having a child who wets the bed is frustrating, both for the child and the parents. If the child is still young, night diapers are the easiest solution, until they reach an age for training. If he or she is left in diapers the necessary training does not take place. At some point this has to happen and accidents are bound to happen. Some parents decide to use a mattress protector so that only a sheet and night wear needs changing.
If your child reaches 5 or 6 years old, or before if you are worried, and is still bedwetting regularly, talk to your physician.

For older sufferers there are a also number of solutions either to control the bed wetting or make it more comfortable. Many people hide the fact that they are suffers and this often curtails activities such as going on holiday or just staying overnight at the friend’s house. Do not feel too embarrassed to talk to your physician, bed wetting is a medical condition that he or she deals with daily.

This is not a medical site, anyone who is suffering from bedwetting should consult a physician. Advice on the causes of, and medication or treatment for, bed wetting should only be sought from your physician. No liability is accepted for the contents of the site or any action taken by readers of the site.

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