How to Determine Your Childcare Needs Before Hiring a Nanny Agency in Atlanta

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Childcare is a viable option for parents who do not have the luxury of spending all their time caring for their children. Whether you commute to work, or your job allows you to stay home, you’ll find that childcare is often a necessity. 

After all, there’s only so many times you can elicit the help of your neighbors or relatives to help look after your child. When considering childcare options, the needs of your child should be of utmost priority. 

With this in mind, here are some factors to consider when trying to determine your childcare needs. 

  • Daycare or nanny?

The question of what childcare option you desire for your child is determined by your needs, the needs of your child, as well as time and money. Whether you require part-time or full-time care, it’s best to decide which of the two choices is most beneficial. 

Consider your work schedule and your budget. Whereas daycare would provide more social interaction for your child, Signet Nannies can devote their time and attention to the care of your child, basically serving as the best alternative to maternal care. 

  • Do they share your parenting philosophy?

Whether you decide on a nanny or daycare, a policy check is a next step to take when trying to narrow down childcare options. You want to be sure that you and the caregiver agree on certain topics as far as they concern your child(ren)’s care and upkeep. 

Does the caregiver share your philosophy on discipline, sleeping patterns, television? Will the television be on all day? Will your child be fed the appropriate meal at the appropriate hours? 

By evaluating your parenting policy, you can assess the competence of a childcare agency or nanny to be sure that they meet your requirements.

  • Are they passionate about kids?

It’s not enough to find a nanny who comes with impressive credentials. Like every other job, some individuals enter into the field of childcare for the sole purpose of improving their financial situation. 

When making money is the primary goal, the lack of passion for the job can negatively impact the level of care your child receives. You want a caregiver whose passion for children is evident in the genuine love shown while caring for them. 

  • Do they make safety a priority?

When you’re paying someone to care for your child, you want to be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. Children are naturally inquisitive and always drawn to the most hazardous and dangerous objects. 

It is important to evaluate the care provider’s approach to safety. What precautions have they put in place? What procedures are implemented when a child sustains an injury? Will your child be watched at all times or simply left to their own devices?

Final word – Is your child happy?

A child may be in a completely safe environment and have a dedicated caregiver but still be prone to occasional bouts of sadness or anxiety. 

While trying to determine your childcare options, understand that your child’s happiness remains the yardstick and that he or she ought to develop a bond of friendship with the caregiver. 

Without this, chances are your child will not be comfortable most of the time. So, when you’re done checking every other box on your list, remember to ask, ‘Is my child truly happy?’

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