4 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

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Did your little girl surprise you with an announcement about the Halloween party tomorrow at school? Is your local costume store lacking in options, or sold out of the costume she was dreaming of? Don’t stress! It can be very easy to throw together a last-minute Halloween costume with items you already have around the house.


Chances are, you already have a bale of hay sitting on your front porches as part of your fall decor and a pair of overalls in your daughter’s chest of drawers. Combine those overalls with a plaid shirt, throw on some boots, and a straw hat. Grab some loose pieces of hay from the bale and stuff it around her wrists, neck, and coming out from under the hat! Take it to the next level with some muted but festive face paint.


Raid the dress-up box for her favorite princess dress and accessories, from plastic heels to tiaras to gloves, and throw together an ensemble fit for royalty. Be sure to consider exactly how long she will be wearing her dress-while some dresses are itchy and uncomfortable, there are other princess dresses for girls that are soft and comfortable, perfect for wearing for an extended period of time. Help her feel extra fancy by loaning her one of your fancy necklaces!


Black and white stripes and a simple black mask are really all you need to throw together this extremely simple costume! Jazz it up with a black beanie and faux bag of stolen goods. This is also a costume that is easily replicated for people of any age or gender, so if you’re looking for an easy family costume, this would be a great way to go.


Pull out the tutus and leotards and let her dress up as a ballerina for Halloween! Help her feel extra glitzy by applying some lipstick and eyeshadow, and make sure to pull her hair back tight in a ballerina bun. Be sure to keep the weather in mind-you don’t want to send her out in a spaghetti strap leotard if it’s 40 degrees outside!

Dress Up & Go Trick-or-Treating!

Whatever direction you decide to go, make sure you’re consulting with your little girl to make sure it’s something that she’s excited about. Halloween is a pretty big deal for our little ones, so make this one memorable and fun!


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