With children audio books hold a strong place

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With children audio books can be listened to over and over. And their favourites as many times as they like. Audio books should not take the place of the printed word but in many situations, they hold advantages. Listening to stories, children develop a good sense of grammar and build a strong vocabulary.

Children develop a good imagination and develop their own imagination as they are not bombarded with the images from television and computer games.

The images from their own minds are safe for them as the child only develops the images they can recognise from their own memory bank. This also helps with relaxing and minimizing the visual child from having nightmares.

Books help children realise that there are other points of view, other customs and countries.

Books can become a safe escape for children and tweens. Keeping a good balance between reading time and interaction with family time. With teens and tweens books can be great conversation starters. Try to read books before your children read them to formulate questions for discussion.

Books and audio books can boost children’s creativity in writing, history, humour , general knowledge as well as spark new inventive ideas.

Audio books help children with their logical reasoning, as television and animation tend to not show life in each full step but rather cuts corners visually. This takes away from the child viewer’s discrimination and logical step by step following skills. An example of this would be a tv programme that jumps from stopping the car to suddenly being in the kitchen. Child viewers do not see the full sequence and are therefore left short in their logical reasoning of a sequence of events.

Audio books are great while travelling long distances or even travelling to daily activities. This is especially true for children who may suffer from car sickness. A car is not the easiest place to read, so for many children audio books are the answer.

Choose good wholesome books that are interest related or interesting; avoid books with arguments, violence, sex, and swearing.

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