Start a Healthy Pregnancy Diet before Pregnancy to Increase Fertility

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Eating for two before pregnancy has many benefits. The best elements of a healthy pregnancy diet increase the health and function of moms body before pregnancy begins. The increase in vitality attributed to dietary changes has been linked to an increase in fertility putting baby dreams on the fast track to becoming reality for many couples.

Is Infertility Caused by Unhealthy Fats?

Every individual should have heard by now the dangers of certain types of fats in relation to others. Yet much of the population remains entrenched in their poor eating habits because these fats come encased in the form of so many tasty treats.
More motivation is needed to make the change. Pregnancy provides just such an incentive. The following study, however, should be your motivation for change, especially for couples desiring to conceive.
In Denmark, the government recently placed severe restrictions on the use of trans fat in foods. The limitations are so stringent it has been eliminated from the Danish food supply. An interesting side effect of this decree has been a marked rise in childbirth.

Researchers are speculating that ill health effects of trans fats goes well beyond the cardiac system and actually places a stranglehold on fertility.
Baby-to-Be and the Thief Myth

A healthy pregnancy diet also helps the body prepare for the demands of pregnancy by getting nutrient stores well supplied before baby begins to raid the larder. The persistent idea of babys ability to steal the nutrients it needs for healthy growth and development from moms body is only true if moms body has enough to spare.

The body is an amazing organism, whose first priority is to self protect. When moms own nutritional needs are harmed by babys needs, her body will selfishly withhold vital nutrients.
This leaves baby out in the cold, especially if a poor diet for pre pregnancy is followed by eating habits that in no way resemble a healthy pregnancy diet.
Eating right before pregnancy is like an insurance policy for babys well being. If mom is too nauseated to eat a healthy balanced meal for a few days, the body is well stocked to support both mother and child through those rough times.
The First Few Weeks of Pregnancy

Setting aside possible impacts on fertility, espousing the best diet for first trimester pregnancy before conception is a good idea. Many women are as much as 8-12 weeks pregnant before they ever even know their little bundle of joy is on the way.

This is significant because during those first few days and weeks every major body and organ system is formed. Nutrition for pregnant women and their developing babies is especially important during this critical time of brain, heart, lung and body development.

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