Baby Pacifiers: A User’s Guide for Parents

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Sucking is one of the most common problems that are faced by the parents of new- born babies. Babies are used to sucking for more reasons than you would know. However, sometimes this habit of sucking by the babies becomes really annoying for the parents and they want something to stop their babies from sucking.  However, there are a few things about pacifiers that you need to know as a parent before you hand it over to your baby. This article is all about that

Problems That Can be Caused:

Using a pacifier can lead to a lot of problems for your baby. You have to be careful while you are using the product. Some of the problems that can be caused include:

  • It is advised to be absolutely careful when you are using a pacifier. If you happen to dip the same in sugar, honey, or other unwanted material, the baby’s health might be impacted
  • If you tie the pacifier around the neck, the baby might face issues in breathing, leading to serious complications

Tips to Remember:

You should be careful if you are planning a pacifier for newborn child. The following are some of the tips that you would want to follow:

  • If you are using a pacifier for your baby, you should keep the following points in mind:
  • Remember to not start using the pacifier as soon as you start the process of breast feeding your baby. You should at least allow the baby some gap before he or she can start using the same
  • It goes without saying, but it is extremely important to keep the pacifier as clean as possible. Also, make sure you replace the pacifier every two to three months
  • Take adequate care to not dip or put any kind of honey or sugar in
  • the pacifier. This can be harmful for the teeth of your baby and may harm him or her at the later stage.
  • Whenever you see a crack in the product, do not use it.
  • Right after giving the medicine, avoid giving the pacifier to your baby. Medicines may react with the material of the pacifier, and might even harm your baby
  • You should be careful enough to not put the pacifier around the neck of your baby. This can lead to a lot of suffocation and he or she might face some serious issues.
  • You have to remember that you should give the pacifier to your baby for some time. If you give the same to him or her all time along, it might interrupt in the day to day learning. It might also be harmful for his or her teeth.
  • Always make sure that you buy a good quality pacifier. You should not make your own version of pacifiers by using materials at home such as nipples, and others

I hope that the above article has been helpful in giving parents important insights as to how to use and how to not use a pacifier. You should also ascertain that you are aware of all the above tips and make your baby use the pacifier in the best possible way.

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