How to take care of babies teeth?

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Babies teeth are as important as adults teeth. Its parent’s responsibility to take care of their children’s oral care from the early stage to prevent cavities and tooth decay.

Parent should teach their kids to brush their teeth and maintain good oral care. Teaching them healthy habits will protect them from several heath issues and save them from pain and suffering causes by bad oral health. Adult teeth are for lifetime and they should be healthy and strong.

Your Dentist in Novi will guide you how to take care of baby teeth, how to brush and floss the teeth without damaging their gums. It is important to take your child for monthly dental checkups regularly to maintain healthy teeth and gums in adult age.

Avoid giving them sweetened soft drinks and feeding bottle just before going to bed without brushing their teeth. You can let them start using mouthwash after your Dentist in Novi recommend it. Because at very young age it is difficult for the child to spit out.

Milk feeding bottles and pacifiers are sometimes necessary for babies, but not for very long period. Usage of feeding bottles, pacifiers and sipping cups for more years are not healthy habits. Using them incorrectly can cause cavities and teeth alignment in small children. Some children suck thumbs and pacifiers during the age of 2 or more 2, for some reasons, unnecessarily. It should be avoided to keep their teeth from alignment. Many mothers use these things to help babies sleep easily, but instead they can use soft music or clean pacifier for smaller time. Holding the baby while feeding also help.

Do not share spoons with your baby or saliva by kissing. It will transfer bacteria from your mouth to the baby, causing him cavities and tooth decay. Kids often copy their parents, try to keep healthy habits in front of children.

Encourage eating healthy food instead of fast food and snacks. Going outside for picnic and outdoor activity, pack food made at home and add fruits for healthy diet. Avoid bakery items like biscuits, cake, pizzas frequently as they stick to the teeth and cause cavities.

When babies are getting teeth for the first time it is very painful for them. They suffer from pain, have swollen gums, slight fever and difficulty in sleeping. Some even suffer from diarrhea or discomfort in ears. Ask dentist in Novi how to ease their pain by rubbing their gums to sooth them.

Teaching healthy cleaning habits will remain with the children and help them create good foundation for their adult teeth.

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