3 Must-Have Essentials for a Relaxed and Comfortable Birthing

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What comes to your mind when you think about giving birth? You’re most probably thinking about the pain and screams. You even doubt your ability to cope, but the truth is that we can, and we should make childbirth the most relaxing and calming experience ever.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer medicated or natural birth; there is a need to find suitable ways of dealing with pain and discomfort during labor and childbirth. There are many relaxing and comfort measures that expectant mothers employ to help manage the intensity of labor.

Apart from attending the birth preparation classes, there are a few must-have essentials that will enhance comfort during birth. Here are the three basic items to bring with you to make your birth center or hospital birth more relaxing.

Birth Ball

Birth balls are quite similar to exercise balls, and many expectant mothers find them to be a handy tool during the early stages of labor. First, birth balls are comfortable to sit on since they are soft and easy to move around.

Movement is a huge comfort measure during labor, and it can also play a critical role in the progress of labor. Keep in mind that you need all the help that you can get to keep things going.

The birth balls provide a perfect seat for making hip circles or bouncing which can help the mom-to-be manage the strong sensations of labor quite well since it creates space in the mother’s pelvis allowing the baby to descend.

If you don’t want to sit on the birth ball, you can use it as a pillow.  You need to remember the fact that forward leaning is a helpful and comfortable position for most expectant mothers in labor.

Therefore, having something soft that you can hug can make things better. Some hospitals will provide you with a birth ball, but it is always good to carry yours just in case the hospital fails to provide one.

Portable Speaker + Playlist

You will also need that calming and soothing music to keep you going through the powerful contractions. Look for a good sound portable speaker that connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth or jack pin.

Take time to prepare your playlist and pack the speaker in your hospital bag. It doesn’t matter whether you are in for a medicated or natural birth, you’ll need to listen to soothing and relaxing music, and that is when the portable speaker will come in handy.

A Birth Doula

We can’t stress the importance of having a birth doula by your side anymore. The truth is that a doula is an important member of your birth care team. Their primary role is to provide physical, emotional, and informational support during the most critical moments of your birth process.

Doulas understand various comforting techniques, and they can provide that hands-on soothing touch when you need it most.

Your doula will meet with you beforehand to discuss your concerns and preferences and the wide range of comforting techniques that are available. These are the people you can trust and rely on when you enter into labor.

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