How to Choose the Right Nursery for Your Child

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Responsible parents have to start paying attention to their child’s upbringing at a very early stage. You need to make sure you focus on your kid’s education and upbringing from an early age. Children are extremely impressionable in their early stages, so it’s important that you set them on the right track from an early age. Most parents start laying down the foundation of learning in their children when they start talking, which is usually around a year and a half. You should start focusing on improving their deductive learning and analytical skills when they are very young. Selecting the right nursery for your child is very important, for this decision will lay down the foundation of their future learning and their ability to grasp concepts.

The nursery is the first learning establishment your child will go to. Here, the teachers will guide your kid in understanding the basic concepts of maths and basic linguistic learning. You will have to find a decent nursery that is renowned for improving the child’s learning abilities and teaching the basics of major subjects that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Many people in Dubai prefer sending their kids to a British nursery. If you plan on sending your kid to a British school when they grow up and want them to learn the values of the British, you have to do a bit of research first to find a reputable nursery in your area. If you are looking for the best nursery for your child to attend, here are a few important factors that you have to take into consideration first.


Your child is still too young to be sent in a van to the nursery. Therefore, you will have to make arrangements to pick up your kid from the nursery every single day. If the nursery you choose is located a considerable distance away, you will have to go out of your conventional route in order to pick up and drop off the child. The nursery generally closes in the afternoon, so you will also need to rush back from work in the middle of the day just to pick up your child and drop him or her off back home.

This will become very tiring over the course of a year or so. If you don’t want to put on a major burden on your shoulders, you should look for a nursery that’s situated as close to your house as possible. If you can’t find any reputable nursery near your place, you should at least look for one that’s situated somewhere between the route you follow everyday for your daily commute. The location of the nursery will prove to be an important factor in your choice, so you should start with creating a list of the top nurseries situated near your house or in between your route.


The most important factor you need to consider is the reputation commanded by that particular nursery. Dubai is one of the world’s best places to live, and many of the leading nurseries have their branches here. There are some nurseries that have waiting lists where signups are two years in advance, so you have to make a decision very quickly. When checking out different British nurseries in Dubai, you can search online to find out more information about when the nursery was established, as well as what others have to say about it.

If you can afford to send your kid to a prestigious university, you should definitely consider it. The education your child receives in the nursery is going to stick with him or her for the rest of their life. While they may not remember most of what they have learned in the early stages, it will affect them subconsciously quite a lot throughout their lives. In their early stages, children will learn about the importance of following proper manners in different situations, and their analytical skills will also improve.


Every parent would obviously want the absolute best for their child. However, that doesn’t mean you start going over your budget in order to support your kid’s education. Remember, this is the first stage of a long journey in your child’s life that is going to span for more than a decade. You have to first make a decision about how much money you can afford to pay to the nursery each month. This obviously depends on your income and savings. If you are earning a handsome amount and don’t have much of a problem in sending your child to the best nursery, you should definitely consider sending your kid to the best nursery you can find.

Do not overburden yourself thinking that you can afford to send your kid to the best nursery possible. You have to set some boundaries about the maximum amount you can afford to spend. Keep in mind that the tuition fee is just the basic expenditure you will be making. There are many other associated costs you have to worry about as well, such as the increased transportation costs, uniforms, and any other extra-curricular expenditure that would be incurred while your child is in the nursery. You have to sit down and analyse your financial expenditure carefully before making a decision about which nursery to send your child to.

Meet the Faculty

Last but not the least, you have to set an appointment and meet the faculty. Go through the nursery and check whether they have enough to offer to your kid. Children have a lot of energy inside of them, so simply keeping them cooped up in a classroom is actually a bad idea. Most nurseries have skill-building sessions, playgrounds, and a number of other amenities for their students to enjoy. You have to make sure you meet with the faculty and find out what the vision is for the kids at the nursery before you enrol your child.

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