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As the generations are changing, the time has gone when the relationship between the parents and their kids were strict. My mother always says that she feared her father very much. She also sued to say that how her father follows the tricks to fear her. The things have changed totally. The methods that were used in the earlier days are avoided in these days. The bond between the parents with the kids has become stronger by various ways. From both the sides, things have become simpler and easy. There is not the sense of strictness happens. From various evidence it is shown that in the present times, parents are trying to become friends for their kids. This sounds really interesting!

It is said that if the parents are not the friend to their kids, there will be difficult to make them understand. The generation is changing, thus our lifestyle is also changing. The way our parents thought was totally different from our thinking perspective. Here are some of the ways that you can follow when you want to enhance the relationship between you and your kids-

  1.    Play games together or watch good programs on television together

In these days, both the parents and the kids are too busy to spend time together. Whenever you are getting time, it is better that you play indoor games. This will enhance the bond between the kids and parents. While playing, you both can share thoughts, views, likes and dislikes. At the weekends, stay at home together and also have lunch.

  1.    Take the kids to places they can enjoy

When you are getting a little time, it is better that you take your kids to some exciting places. This will help them to relish and enjoy. Due to pressure in studies, most of the kids feel frustrated. This makes them irritated and they behave badly with their parents too.

  1.    Have a friendly conversation

If you want to have a good relationship with your kids, the best way to bring them close is to have a friendly relationship. This is best. Talk with them about their lives, studies, and career and encourage them in whatever they are thinking to do in the future.

These are some of the tips that can enhance the bonding between the kids and parents. If still, you are feeling the gap, better that you go for counseling or check the site


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