Parents Best First Early Learning Center

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The best early learning center for your young child is firstly you, the parent. You have the best opportunity to teach your young child through exposing them to positive experiences from an early age. Every day you have the opportunity to make your child’s experiences a learning opportunity.

Early Learning Center Foundations

You are the best one and it is imperative that you teach your young child the foundations for early learning. You are their personal early learning center. Children need sound literacy and numeracy skills. These are the key areas that your child needs the best foundations in for their future. For your child to be successful through their school years and beyond they need these basic foundations of education. If they receive these basic foundations they will obtain the confidence to be involved learners, effective communicators enabling them to connect and contribute with others.

What Can You Do As The Early Learning Center?

Every day you can make or break your child’s social and emotional feelings and make them feel appreciated. Every day that you spend with your child and teach them, guide them and show them, will be the day you connect with them. On their level you will both experience the joy and the love of learning together. To be their early learning center you should engage with your child. You should support their experiences on a daily basis. You should challenge their inquisitive minds. You should provide a rich learning environment. You should use digital devices and technology to let your child experiment and challenge themselves with app games that have a learning outcome.

Why Is Early Learning Important?

It is up to you to support an educating environment for your child’s early learning. You must understand that this is critical to you raising a young child through their preschool years to have the necessary early childhood development to be ready for school. It is this educating environment at your own home early learning center that you provide by supporting and assisting your child to learn pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills. Every day you must create learning opportunities for your child. Remember everything they do is a learning moment in their early years development.

When Do Children Development Early Learning Skills?

It is during the first five years of your child’s life that their brain development is occurring most and they develop the skills they need to achieve in school. A lot of children enter kindergarten lacking basic language and social behavioral skills. They should be able to recognize and know letters, colors, numbers and shapes. They should also be able to mix and get along with other children, follow directions from teachers and display social skills. It is a known fact if children start behind they will most likely struggle and stay behind.
The Roll Of The Parent As The Early Learning Center.

As a parent acting as your child’s early learning center you are required to provide a broad range of opportunities, those teachable moments to prepare your child for school readiness. Your child gathers the foundations for school readiness long before they enter school so the early learning center you create is vital. To read more on why parents are the best early learning center download a free copy of my eBook How to Increase Your Child’s Learning and Fast Track Their Way To Success.

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