How to Choose the Best Nursery for Your Child

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Sending your child to a day nursery is the first step in an educational journey that is going to span more than a decade of their lives. Naturally, you want to choose the right place for your child. However, enrolling your child in the most expensive nursery is not always a wise decision. Instead, you need to consider a variety of other factors before deciding where to send your child. The circumstances of every family are different, so it is important that you make a decision only after careful discussion with your partner and consideration of a variety of factors. Here are some major factors that you should consider before making a decision about which nursery your child should attend.


Perhaps the most important factor apart from the nursery fee is the location of the place. Nursery-going children are generally too small to travel in vans, which means that you will need to drop your kid off at the nursery and pick them up on a daily basis. If the nursery falls out of the way of your daily work commute, you are going to have to make a considerable amount of effort each day to drop off and pick up your child. Why make life more difficult for yourself? It’s better if you simply choose a nursery that falls along your work route and has hours that are flexible enough so as to not affect your working hours.

Curriculum and Facilities

Ideally, you should visit the nursery yourself to check out their equipment and speak with the staff members before making a decision about where to send your child. The Sandfield Day Nursery is a very popular nursery amongst parents who are looking to give their child a solid start to their educational careers. You can check the learning tools that the nursery uses as well as whether or not the teachers encourage a cohesive environment. Taking a trip through the nursery first and discussing the vision of the teachers can help you in many different ways when it comes to making a decision. Are you satisfied with sending your child to the place? Do you think it is safe enough, and that you will receive maximum value for your money? These are just some of the questions that you will have to answer before you decide whether or not to enrol your child in a particular nursery.

Waiting Times

A very common factor that most people overlook is the waiting time for admission. Most reputable nurseries have limited space, and they are often completely booked many months before admissions even open. In fact, there are some nurseries which have advance bookings filled over a year in advance. Before you proceed further with talks, it is important that you determine whether or not the nursery has space to accommodate your child. Make sure you ask all of these questions of the teachers and then carefully evaluate different nurseries in your vicinity before you finalise your decision.

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