Understanding Low Progesterone Levels during Early Pregnancy

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One of the most amazing processes of a human being is reproduction. The process of conceiving however is not always easy for some. It can be extremely difficult in fact. One of the reasons for this is low progesterone levels. They are caused and seen from several symptoms as will be explained below. If you have low progesterone levels in early pregnancy there are several things to understand during this very important stage. The following are ways to self-identify if your progesterone levels are low.

Rapid change of weight is one of the signs that show changes or imbalance in your progesterone levels. At one point of your early pregnancy you can lose and gain weight significantly in a matter of a few days. However this is still very general and can be caused by various triggers. Sudden mood swings, depression and extreme anxiety are also common signs found in pregnant women of their early trimesters who have low progesterone levels. Combined with rapid weight change this is enough to bring you to the doctor for a thorough check. Dryness of the vaginal area leading to a painful intercourse is also supporting symptom to one???s low progesterone levels in early pregnancy.

Lucky for you low progesterone levels in early pregnancy can be treated through balancing the numbers. The following are several ways to increase progesterone levels during your pregnancy to ensure that you give birth to a healthy baby, endure the pregnancy and enjoy every step of it.low progesterone levels in early pregnancy

Avoid Estrogen-triggering Ingredients

Estrogen is another type of hormone in your system that is responsible for your menstruation cycle and your reproductive system. Especially if your Estrogen count is higher than normal while your Progesterone is lower than it should be, it is best to keep it on the low for some time. The types of foods that increase Estrogen levels range from fruit, carbohydrates and even seeds. To mention some, apples, sunflower seeds, barley, carrots and chickpeas are ingredients and fruits to avoid for a while. At least until your Progesterone levels go up. After all what matters is that the count for both types of hormones are balanced as each plays an important role during your pregnancy and your life in general.

Manage Stress

Stress is one of the factors that affect your pregnancy, especially during your first months. Internally, it reduces the level of Progesterone significantly and if not well maintained or managed, you may suffer from the consequences of low Progesterone counts like the risk of miscarriage or low nutrient and vitamin intake for your baby. Another consequence of low Progesterone levels is the significant reduction of the adrenalin-neutralizer: Cortisol, that functions to maintain, prevent, better-heal inflammation.

If you are to use cream: Go Natural

Creams to help balance low progesterone levels in early pregnancy are available in the market. However, most are manufactured without taking into account the side risks of the chemical ingredients it contains. Most creams function to boost Vitamin E levels and gradually balance your low Progesterone but natural creams that are made from herbal ingredients have better potential at showing results and carry no long term risk. One to mention is the wild yam cream. Its roots are the key to regenerative hormone products hence helping up your levels naturally.

As you can see, this hormone situation, even for pregnant mothers are reversible. Now that you know more about the causes of your low progesterone levels in early pregnancy and the simple ways to balance them and endure your pregnancy, you can make this amazing stage of your life the most memorable, happiest and exciting one.

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