What to Expect Out of Speech Therapy for Children

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Do you suspect that your child might have speech problems and interested in speech therapy? What can such treatments do for you and your child? It is a good question and parents have good reason to be concerned especially when your child’s proper development is on the line.

Assessing your child’s speech problems

To be able to reach some conclusion regarding the character, extent, and cause of their child’s speech problem, therapists from speech clinics like “South West Kids Clinic,” will have to know a great deal about the child and the home in which he lives.

There will be questions regarding the mother’s health during pregnancy, the child’s health at birth, his early development, injuries and diseases.  Perhaps not one of the questions asked will disclose information that clarifies the difficulty.  If so, then you may want to tell the therapist as much details about your child as you see fit. Even the small things that might seem insignificant at the moment might just help your therapist properly diagnose your child’s speech problems and recommend the necessary treatment.

The speech therapist may use numerous methods to determine what words your child uses and what sounds he can produce.  He will check the “speech organs” to determine whether any problem is present and if the nerves and muscles of the cheeks, tongue, and palate are functioning adequately for the proper speech.

Another important thing that you can expect a speech therapist to do is to ascertain if your child’s hearing is diminished in such a manner as to hinder the learning of speaking.  When there’s an issue, he will try to determine just what it is, what caused it, and what you need to do to fix it.

In many cases, speech therapy for children might conclude that you just have to continue what you are doing and to come back in six months if the child has not begun to speak. Language is a skill, and it might just take time for your child to learn it. Some children do not learn how to talk until they are three years old and grow up normally as adults.  He may offer tips for helping your child learn to speak.  In some cases, your speech therapist may discover something that you have not been conscious of that should have medical or surgical treatment. In that case, he will consult with a family physician or paediatrician.  At any rate, you would be aware of an expert within the field of speech, and if you followed his suggestions, you would have the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing all you could to help your kid with his speech issues.

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