Try these time mangement tips in your parenting

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Time is the most valuable thing we all have. The secret is to get the best out of your day by investing in the most important place at those specific moments. To be able to make this investment we need to be fully aware of what we are doing now or during any period in our lives.

Past, present and future are the three dimensions we need to master. Just the same as an artist observes objects in three dimensions to make a desired drawing, so we can also observe the dimensions and make the necessary adjustments to achieve the desired results. This can save money and more importantly, save valuable relationships. Perhaps you would want to consider working from home.

You will need a:Pocket diary, daily journal, white board or plain paper.

Ideas for week one:Observe your daily routine for a week. Write down in a pocket size notebook how long you spend on what activities.

Ideas for week two: Write down every evening before going to bed the answers to the following question as truthfully as possible. Keep the perspective think of the big picture as well as the detail. 1) What am I thankful for today? Make even the smallest things count: The sun shining on your back; A warm comfortable bed; Food, water and fresh air, etc.2) What is it that I really, really, really want? Consider your God given talents. What comes to you naturally?

Ideas for week three:Continue to answer the above two questions on a daily basis. Start noticing the possible activities and habits that contradict your real desires and those that support your deep desires.

Time management tips one
Many people earn lots of money and work long hours although deep down inside, they really want to be with their families. Make an effort to do the best you can each day.
Ideas for week four: Once you have a clearer understanding of your desires and your possible purpose, ask God for his guidance to achieve your goals. Take note of what thoughts you are thinking: thoughts are powerful as they control actions and reactions. Are your thoughts linked to a belief system that is negative and limiting? No one can change the way you think or make you think a certain way unless you allow them. Rewrite your negative thoughts and beliefs into positives in your journal.Remember to write down your special moment/s of the day.

Ideas for week five:Write down the basic activities during your day, eating, cleaning , sleeping etc.You can write it like a shopping list or draw it as a learning ‘spider’ or a circle cut into pie pieces. Fill in your ideal activities. Write down what is important first and then only what is urgent. Today’s urgent was yesterday’s important. All our important things eventually become urgent. It is best to gain control over the important as well as the urgent. Schedule only three extra things to do per day. Celebrate your achievements, this will give your more confidence with managing your time. Notice any habits that are time wasters and deal with them one at a time. Starting with the time wasters that: 1) contradict your goal/s the most and after that, 2) the ones that use up most of your available time. Persevere! Aim for nothing and you will hit it every time. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So plan your goal and work towards that goal.

Ideas for week six:Start the process at week one again. Soon things will become clearer. Consider the following as you go through the process a second time. Jot down and date your observations in your journal.What resources have I got or become aware of? These can include books, equipment, friends, hobbies, free facilities like the libraries and supporting communities.How is my finances managed? Evaluate what you spend daily. Ask yourself some hard questions:Do I really need what I bought? How can I spend my money even better at the next oportunity? What can I do tomorrow to show those around me that I love and appreciate them that I did not do today? Who did I meet or talk to today? Did I learn something new from them? Plan an away weekend once or twice a year to plan goals and pray for specific guidance.

Tips to consider when setting up a daily manager:Learn to breathe deeply and observe Gods creation.Include meditation and prayer.Quality reading. Even if it’s just a one verse from the Bible: My favourites are Psalms for inspiration and comfort, and Proverbs for God’s unfailing, inscrutable wisdom.Include God’s convenience foods such as fresh fruit, nuts and dried fruit.6-8 hours of sleep per night.

These time management tips exercise your focus, and will develop your resilience.

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