Stress relief tips for everyday parenting

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Use a stress relief tip every day to help you on your way.

Be grateful for the good things you do have; your home, your family, your friends, your health, tips that will always be important to maintain your wellbeing.Search your heart and forgive everybody: People, family, the government, the economy, and most especially, forgive yourself. A clean heart is happier.

Learn to take, and practise breathing slow, deep and full breaths.

Listen to calming music.

Take a walk outside or engage in some physical activity using as much of your body as possible: Gym, dancing, walking, cycling, gardening etc.

Make sure you take enough natural calcium and magnesium, either in food or as good quality supplements.

Tissue salts are beneficial: Use the ones recommended for you.

Have a cup of chamomile tea before bedtime. Give yourself enough time to visit the bathroom before going to bed and so prevent a midnight emergency!

Eat a balanced diet: Concentrate on fresh fruit and vegetables to assist your immune system.

Take a warm bath with a few tablespoons of Epsom salts in the water. The magnesium helps the body cope with stress.

Light a candle in the bathroom to help calmness. Ensure good airflow to enable you to breathe.

Live one day at a time, making the best of today.

Make not more than three things your priority each day.

Write down the facts of the worst case scenario and best case scenario for your worries or concerns: Focus on the scenario you would prefer to happen.

As often as you feel stressed, remind yourself constantly that everything works out. Soon you will believe it and see it begin to happen. You will begin to grow in self confidence, tips such as this helping you grow.

Stress might be nothing more than you resisting change. Find out how your new situation could be beneficial to you and others around you.

Children also experience difficulties dealing with daily life. Help your children wherever you can. Use these stress relief tips

Involve all your senses: When you are outside, listen to the birds, the wind in the trees; Watch the breeze blowing through the trees and leaves; Feel the warmth of the sun or a warm, loving pet; be aware of what you eat and enjoy it; keep your thoughts positive.

Find out how your body reacts to pressure and practice neuro-integrating movements to improve all over integration.

Watch humorous and uplifting movies.

Read inspirational writing.

Pray for what you really, really, really, really want. (the four ‘reallys’ are really important!)

Learn to be completely still and quiet on a daily basis: Start with one minute and build up from there.

Read about how others overcame similar problems.

Set a strict limit to the time you worry: Make a conscious effort to reduce that time on a constant basis.

Draw up a basic budget; how much you earn and how much you spend. Pressure in relationships can often be related to money and debt. Regulate your spending and saving.

Seek an objective viewpoint and do not be shy to seek professional help.

Don’t give up! Get better!

Other stress relief tips are to study personality strengths and weaknesses.

Making memories is one of the most important stress relief tips. Return to Home page from stress relief tips

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