Tips and Techniques to learn Alphabets and Numbers

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You must be surprised to read this, whether we should make our toddlers learn alphabets and numbers this early. The answer depends on your toddler’s interest. Since we know that formal education is yet to be started, there is no point in pushing your child for this, let him enjoy this phase of life, early childhood should be a time for the unencumbered enjoyment of simple pleasures running through sand, splashing in water, riding his tricycle, collecting flowers in the park and anything that gives pleasure to your toddler.

But if your toddler takes a natural early interest in alphabets and numbers, there is no harm in introducing these concepts. And as long as exposure to these building blocks of learning is fun, unpressed and toddler inspired, there is no reason why parents cannot introduce alphabets and numbers at this early age.

Here are a few tips by which you can achieve this:

  • Nurture a love of books and reading. (For more details click on this article). As letter identification starts to interest your toddler, look for alphabet books that link letters to familiar objects.
  • Stimulate an interest in Science in your toddler
  • (For more details click on this article)

  • Prepare a Name Plate for your toddler’s room in bold letters. Take help of your toddler and see how quickly he could remember alphabets that are present in his name.
  • Put posters up on the wall with bright colored pictures and big letters. Always introduce capital alphabets to your toddlers, as they are easy to learn and remember.
  • Label toy shelves: ‘books’, ‘cars’, ‘dolls’, ‘blocks’ and so on. By each word you can also place a picture of the object so that your toddler starts associating the two.
  • Count steps when you climb stairs, notice numbers in the lift, count the candies while giving it to your toddler or count the cookies that he ate. This will naturally develop the basic concept of counting and understanding “how many?”
  • Play Lotto, snakes and ladders, bingo, animal dominos and cards – all of these teach pre-maths and pre-reading skills in a fun way. Look for games, puzzles and other toys for preschoolers that also teach letter and numbers recognition. Be sure they are age appropriate or you will frustrate your toddler’s natural curiosity.
  • Show various shapes to your toddler, show him different shaped biscuits like square, rectangle, circle and triangle. Slowly and gradually he will start recognizing the shapes. Learning to recognize shapes is a pre-reading skill.
  • Write the name of your child on drawing and painting he make and as you write chant the alphabets loudly. This will help him to familiarize with alphabets.
  • When your toddler expresses an interest, show how to write his or her name, starting with one letter at a time.
  • Tracing activities can help your child master the skill of writing alphabets , numbers and drawing shapes. Various colorful books for same are available in the shops.

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